Polarized Filter


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square 3d polarized filter for projector customize your size

1.linear or circular polarized projecting lens, 3D filters

2.for 3D movie projector, for 3D theater

3.avaliable for squar and circle shape

4.size: 10*10cm,15*15cm, 12*12cm, 20*20cm,any other size is available.

5.thickness: 4.4mm

6.anti-UV380 process

7.double face TAC combine and hard coating process

8.Optics parameter: polarized efficiency 99.7%, tansmittance 43.5%, compensation 125nm/138nm

9.with high precision optics function.

10.For Real D, Master Image, or Imax cinema system.


Filters Material: glass

Filters thickness: around 3.5mm

Frame Colour” None

Certificate :CE,RoHs,EN71

Polarized efficiency: 99.99%

single transmittance: above 42%

Samples time :within 1-3 days

Usage :For projectors or cinemas

System: RealD/Masterimage systems,etc


1.)circular polarized ,linear polarized

2.)RealD or MastetrImage system



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